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SheetsYou can have the finest mattress, pillows and comforters but if you have the wrong bedsheets you'll toss and turn the night away.

Finding your right bedsheet comes down to two points, material and thread count. If you like soft plush comfort with some added warmth then look no further than bamboo. It is as soft as jersey cotton but finer and higher in thread count which means it won't pill or break down after a few washings. Bamboo is also one of the newest, greenest fabrics on the market today.

Thread Count means the amount of thread in a given 1 inch by 1 inch square. Don't be fooled by claims of 800+ thread counts. Many times those companies are counting individual filaments and not the entire thread which means in reality a claimed 800 thread count sheet is actually closer to 200 actual threads.

The higher the thread count in a sheet, the denser and therefore softer the sheet will feel. Also the higher thread count means more durability, an important point for anyone with an older washer and dryer or someone who uses industrial washing and drying machines. Lower thread count items will break apart after only a few washings while higher thread counts will stand up better over time.

Upgrade your sheets tonight and feel the difference that high tech and high quality fibers make in your bedding!

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